BSE (Bridge System Engineer)
    + Description:
         - Get direct requests from Japanese customers, convey to staff the project.
         - Talk, talk with customers or managers in Japanese to understand, update project requirements through skype, email, phone or in person.
         - Manage projects to ensure work progress.
         - Check, review source code before sending to the client.
         - Friendly staff in the company.
Job Requirements

    + Requirements:
         - Graduated IT, University of Natural Sciences, Technology, ... or equivalent.
         - Japanese Good communication (spoken and written), with N3 or higher or equivalent.
         - At least 3 years experience in a software development in C / C + +, Java,. Net, php, smartphone (iOS / Android).
         - Willing to work on projects in Japan.
         - There is a sense of responsibility, under high pressure.
         - Experience in development projects is an advantage 2D/3D game.
         - Candidates who have worked in Japan.

    + Benefits:
         - The labor law regimes such as Vietnam.
         - Working 5 days/week.
         - Travelling, team buiding.
         - Attractive Salary.
         - Other benefits.