iOS, Android Developers.

    + Description:

          - Developing apps for iOS and Android.

    + Requirements:
          - 1 + years experience developing projects on smartphones (iOS, Android) / html5.
          - IT Graduate from University Natural Science, Technology, ... or equivalent.
          - There is a sense of responsibility, can work in a high pressure environment.        

          - Ability to learn and understand the language as well as new technology.

          - Priority know Japanese candidates, with experience working on Linux.
          - Experience developing 2D/3D gaming projects is an advantage.

    + Benefits:
          - Have the opportunity to work through and learn Japanese.
          - Full insurance premiums.
          - Working 5 days / week.
          - Learning Japanese.
          - Travelling, team buiding.
          - Attractive Salary.
          - Other benefits.


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